UPPERCASE welcomes everyone and all identities, ages, talents and abilities. We share an inclusive, positive and community-minded point of view. Everyone is welcome to explore our creative challenges and submit to the magazine—you don't have to be a professional artist or writer.

You can pitch your own work, propose an article about someone else or suggest a topic that you would like to research.

Please make sure that your submission is suitable for UPPERCASE magazine. Be familiar with the magazine and its writing and visual style.

Please do not submit the same idea multiple times. Please do not email about the status of your submission; you will be contacted if your work is suitable for publication. UPPERCASE is quarterly and sometimes we're planning issues nearly a year in advance. Thanks for your patience.

Submission Tips

Please remember that you are submitting to a print magazine. You don't have to be a professional writer but good communications skills are very important. If your idea is excellent and/or your visual submission is amazing, we can pair you with one of our writers, we can interview you or find other ways to feature the idea or your talent.

Please follow the specific instructions in the submission forms.

Take your time to write and gather images before submitting.

When submitting images, please do not have any watermarks on them. Do not submit photo collages—each image should be separate.

<aside> 📌 By submitting to UPPERCASE, you confirm that you are the creator and author of the work and that you are not infringing on anyone's copyrighted material. You are allowing UPPERCASE to publish the work in print, digitally and on our website and in any related magazine productions and promotions. Unless otherwise noted, there is no fee to submit to UPPERCASE magazine. Submitters are not paid if their work is selected for publication in the open calls but commissioned articles and artwork will be compensated.


<aside> 📌 No AI-generated or AI-assisted art.



Open Calls for Submissions

Open calls for the next issue are posted here. Make sure you’re on the UPPERCASE newletter list to get notified of any new opportunities!

The Domestic Arts

Submit your art, craft and creative projects inspired by the “domestic arts.”

What does this term mean to you in a contemporary context? Do motifs and themes of the house, homemaking and domestic sciences recur in your work? This is not exclusively “women’s work” and we are looking for broader representation and perspectives!

• applied household art and design

• functional art related to domestic use

• textiles and crafts related to the home

• design and art related to the home

DEADLINE: May 1 at 5pm MDT


Still life self-portrait

Create a still-life composition influenced by your home and/or garden. What objects would you select, and how would you arrange them? What do these items tell the viewer about you, your personality, aesthetics and values? How do you incorporate your self into this composition in a non-literal sense?

Open to all creative mediums, but no AI generative art.

DEADLINE: May 1 at 5pm MDT


Ongoing Submissions

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All About YOU is a newsletter that is sent out on weekends to over 8000 UPPERCASE readers around the world. To be featured in UPPERCASE's weekend email newsletter "All About YOU" please fill in the following.

If you have a time-sensitive offer or event you'd like to share, please submit a few weeks in advance. UPPERCASE reserves the right to decline a submission for any reason.

Please sign up for UPPERCASE newsletters here.

Submission Details and Form

💡 Idea Pitches

Pitch your ideas for articles for consideration in upcoming issues of UPPERCASE magazine.

Submission Details and Form

🎨 Portfolios

Submit your illustration, art or craft portfolio to be considered for upcoming issues of UPPERCASE magazine and/or to be shared in our newsletter.

Submission Details and Form

✂️ Subscriber Studios

UPPERCASE features magazine subscriber studios within its printed pages and in our weekly newsletters. Share your workspace, studio or corner of the dining room... wherever it is that you create. Bonus points if you include images of UPPERCASE magazine in your space!

Submission Details and Form

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Submit your surface pattern designs, pattern-filled art and pattern resources to be considered for an upcoming The Pattern Journal newsletter.

Submission form

🌿 Fresh

Fresh! is a print and newsletter feature highlighting previously unpublished creatives.

Whether you're a fresh graduate or mature artist, it is often a dream to be published for the first time!

If you've never been published in print before, please share your work and I will endeavour to publish the best submissions in future issues and share your submission and links in my newsletter, blog or social media as well. (Please note that space is limited, so this is a merit-based selection.)

Submission Details and Form

📒 Sketchbooks

Share images of your sketchbook and creative process. Please photograph representative spreads of your sketchbook against a white backdrop so that we can see all edges of the book or page. You can also include images of your sketchbook in your creative workspace, stacked with others, in progress, with art supplies, etc. Include a photo of you, too!

Submission Detail and Form

💼 Creative Careers

UPPERCASE loves to feature people who have unique and interesting professions. Over the years, we've featured a voice artist, a vintage poster seller, a historical colour expert, a document forgery expert and many more folks with careers that touch on creativity and culture in unusual ways. These people have typically forged their own career paths, making a living doing things that are unique and definitely creative and curious. To be featured, please apply by answering this brief questionnaire. Thanks!

Submission Details and Form